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January 2009 - News and Update

In view of events of 2008 and over the turn of the year I feel it appropriate to advise you all of how we see the future progressing.

A new low point was reached in April 2008 when the Department of Harbours callously and illegally employed contractors to remove about a third of the Victorian Railings without warning and without the necessary Planning Consent. Indeed they did their very best to keep their actions from the attention of the DoLGE, by issuing misleading and somewhat untrue reassurances when challenged. Only your Committees constant pressure and photographic evidence enabled the full story of what they had done to be made public. If nothing else it shows that constant vigilance needs to be kept at all times. It was extremely frustrating to hear the lame excuse that those responsible did not realise that what they were doing was wrong. Absolutely pathetic and shame on them!

To better news! The Council of Ministers Working Party finally completed their Report and recommendations in the autumn. They then published their findings in the form of "Options & Recommendations" in December. I have to say that these make very interesting and somewhat pleasing reading. I think it appropriate to thank Chairman Phil Gawne and his team for a job well done. There are three recommendations comprising two main Options as follows:-

1. That Queen's Pier is of national heritage significance and should be refurbished.

(Option a) by linking the refurbishment to a new Marina in Ramsey Bay, on condition that the developer completes the refurbishment of Queen's Pier prior to the completion of the residential and commercial development. (I have condensed this bit for reasons of space.)

(Option b) refurbishment of Queen's Pier using modern materials funded by Government.

2. That either Option be commenced as a matter of urgency dependant on the earliest available of the options. The report then went on to map out how these options should be progressed by a steering group set up for this purpose. Too lengthy to précis here but we are comfortable with the programme especially as it has a finite deadline of December 2009.

There is a final recommendation (3) which reads...
Should option a or b not be approved or implemented that the Pier be demolished.

On 20th January 2009 several members of The Friends sat through a somewhat bum numbing five hours to hear Tynwald unanimously approve Options 1(a) and b as recommended by the Council of Ministers.

The Steering Group is already being formed with the mandate to enable the Council of Ministers to report back to Tynwald by no later than November 2009.

We are not there yet but we are much further than we have ever been before and several of the supporting speeches were well received. This is one step nearer our Goal to have this Unique Structure refurbished and re-opened in order that it can play a full part in the Heritage of the Island and the Manx people.

Between now and November can we ask each and every one of you to keep your MHK fully advised of the importance of Queen's Pier in the Heritage of this Island?




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