Planning Approval - 20/3/11

Dear friends,

Whilst a full Newsletter would be expensive and timely to produce I thought you would all wish to know that the Planning Consent for the stabilisation (de minimus) works to Queen’s Pier has been received.

The Independent Inspector, Mr Neil Holt, submitted his report to the Council of Ministers in February recommending approval and registered building consent be granted subject to certain conditions regarding the careful removal and storage of various Heritage Artefacts.

On 10th March the Council of Ministers accepted the recommendation and the application was approved subject to those same conditions.

For the re-assurance of the doubters I give the following extracts:- (The italics are mine..)

The scheme proposes the following works whose aim is to maintain the stability of the pier structure and protect it from further deterioration….

  1. Damaged and missing diagonal bracing tie rods, horizontal struts and their associated screw couplings will be replaced.

  2. Loose or rotten timber decking, counter joists and timber side walling beams will be removed or made secure where necessary.

  3. Toll huts close to the entrance and the shelter at the seaward end of the pier will be dismantled in a controlled manner and stored.

  4. The cast iron balusters will be carefully unbolted from the timber walling beams and stored along with lampposts, seating and other metal work of historic value. The items removed will be recorded, tagged and secured in good quality shipping containers off site, in a location at Jurby to be agreed with the Director of Properties.

  5. Decking on the north side, (the cantilever siding) will be removed and the decking profile returned to the original construction line.

In the current financial climate the provision of £1.8m to fund the proposed works confirms the Department’s intention to retain the pier for future refurbishment. In doing so the Department is reflecting the will of Tynwald which in May 2010 decisively voted against an amendment to demolish the pier.

I certainly do not regard this as demolition by stealth and neither did the Inspector.

Of course we are not home and dry yet as Tynwald has to vote the funds but I can only repeat what was proposed last May when the proposal was overwhelmingly approved.

“Adoption of this option and commitment of expenditure is not recommended unless there is an implied commitment to future refurbishment and expenditure. Without this commitment, adoption of this option would merely delay a decision, incur unnecessary additional costs and extend the ongoing debate regarding the future of Queen’s Pier.”

In other words Don’t vote for this Option unless you intend to carry on to full refurbishment!

The Resolution carried by 29 votes to 1.

Now is the time for you to write to your MHK and remind him or her of this.

Best regards,
Fred Hodgson,



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