A Short History of
The Queen's Pier at Ramsey

Chronology of Events - Page 1 of 4

1886 The Pier was built at an original cost of 45,000
1889 A two level landing stage was added at the seaward end.
1956 The attractive Victorian wooden kiosks were replaced by the present drab building.
1970 The last Steamer called at the Pier Head.
1980 First of many reports on Pier's future and condition.
1981 The tramway ceased to operate.
1981/1990 The Pier Head building are subject to vandalism.
1991 Pier finally closed to the Public.
  Second report by Holmes Grace Consulting Engineers.
1992 Third report commissioned, this time from John Mason & Partners of Chester. (Cost 1150)
1992 John Mason's report published which states the pier to be in relatively sound condition and gives costings of Total refurbishment at 531,000 or 1.8 million if a full rebuild was undertaken. They also estimated that to demolish the pier entirely would cost 2.18 million.
1993 Working party report on Pier's future published.
1994 TYNWALD votes to "Mothball" the structure for a limited period pending possible future refurbishment.
1994 Friends of Queen's Pier formed.
1995 27/01/95 Queen's Pier added to protected Buildings Register.
1996 First "Day of the Pier" attracts large crowds. This joins with the UK's national piers day.
1997 An interdepartmental working group is set up and requests YET ANOTHER report in April.
1997 A second Pier open day attracts over 1,000 who walk on the Pier. 900 sign a petition calling for Government action to restore the Pier.
1998 Report by the Council of Ministers favourably received by most Government departments and the Council of Ministers. Complete restoration to cost 2.7 million. Demolition 1.8 million. TYNWALD fails to accept the recommendations of its own working group.
1998 Friends of Queen's Pier commission BW Partnership to produce a Report and Survey.
1999 Report received stating Pier remains in much better condition structurally than many Piers still in use around the United Kingdom. They estimate that full refurbishment will cost 1.273 million. Copies of this report sent to Department of Transport in February. Minister Brown visits Llandudno on fact finding mission. All MHKs and MLCs given synopsis of "Friends Report".



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